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Our locksmiths can repair any window problems.

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Window Locksmith

Our Window Locksmith Services​

Window Lock Installation

Windows without locks are a thief's dream, offering a quick entrance to your home and business. Installing window locks secures your home and business, keeping your family and everything you've worked so hard for safe.

Window Lock Repair

Broken window locks are as threatening to your safety as they are annoying. New window locks and hardware help you preserve the security of your home and business. Window lock repair is cheaper than replacing the locks.

Window Lock Replacement

Wear and tear of window locks happen over time. Why replace windows in working order when you can replace the locks? Window lock replacement is affordable and upgrades your window security.

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4.8 Stars – Based on 404 User Reviews

window locks security matter

Do you have a window lock that won’t unlatch, the lock is broken, or you’ve lost the key to open it? You need to think about window locks installation. Our locksmiths will inspect the window lock, provide you a lock solution, and have the window lock fixed or replaced in 30 minutes. The skilled locksmiths at our company are able to perform much more than just repair and replace window locks.

Broken window locks leave you vulnerable to burglars and compromise the safety of your family and business. Windows you can’t unlatch or have lost the key for are a waste of space, and in a fire, their potential as an exit is lost. A quick call to locksmith NYC ensures you have secure and easy-to-open windows when you need them.

We service Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and their surrounding areas. Call us for all your window lock installation, repair, and replacement needs.

Window Locksmith

Hire a Window Locksmith

Windows with broken casings, water damage, or loose and missing caulk can leak water, heat, and air conditioning. Water is very damaging to the windows frame and sill. Doing a timely window repair can stop further damage and save you money.

Our highly-trained window lock experts use the latest tools and technology to ensure that you and your family have the most secure windows possible. When you call us at Broadway Locksmith and Doors, we send a professional locksmith to inspect your window and lock, make security recommendations and install, replace and repair the window or lock. With over a decade of window locksmith experience, we show up ready to solve your window problems as affordably as possible.

Residential and Commercial Window Services

Our window locksmith has been repairing windows for over a decade. We can repair most windows, including awning windows, double-hung windows, casement windows, single-hung windows, and sliding windows.

Call us for window lock installation, lock repair, and lock replacement of folding-latch locks, keyed locks, lag screw locks, window latch locks, and sliding locks. Whether you need one lock or two dozen locks, Broadway Locksmith and Doors offers a window lock solution that will fit your needs. We are open 24/7 to address your window and window lock needs.


Window locks that are old and poorly maintained frequently need replacing. Windows with frozen, rusty, or old locks beyond repair need replacing. Having a window locksmith evaluate your window lock is the best way to decide whether it can be repaired or needs replacing.

Window lock repairs depend on the type of window and what is wrong with the lock being repaired. A window locksmith will need to examine the lock before deciding what should be done. Once they start repairing the window lock, it should take about 20 to 30 minutes for the average lock.

A professional window locksmith will NOT cause cosmetic damage. While their sole focus will be on repairing the lock, there are times when a partial window removal is necessary to repair the lock. Using a window locksmith will prevent cosmetic damage to your window and frame.

Window lock repair and replacement deals strictly with the locks. There is no reason to replace the entire window. The window repair locksmith is replacing or repairing the lock on the existing window.

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