The Essential Locksmith Tools Every Locksmith Needs

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Essential Locksmith Tools

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As a professional locksmith, having the right tools is essential to the success of your work. You need to have a set of reliable tools that can help you with different lock-related problems. From lock picking to lock installation, each job requires a different set of tools. Here are some of the essential locksmith tools every locksmith needs to have in their kit:

Tension Wrench

locksmith tools - tension wrench

A tension wrench is a critical tool for any locksmith. It helps to hold the cylinder plug in place while you pick the lock. This tool is essential for single-pin picking, which is the most common method used by locksmiths to open a lock. A tension wrench also comes in handy when rekeying locks, as it keeps the key pins and driver pins in place.

Lock Picks

locksmith tools - Lock Picks

Lock picks are an essential tool for a locksmith. There are different types of lock picks available in the market, including hooks, rakes, and half-diamonds. Each type of pick has a specific use, and having a set of them can help you with different lock-picking challenges. Hooks, for example, are excellent for single-pin picking, while rakes are more useful for picking multiple pins at once.

The Rake

rake tool for locksmiths

The rake is another essential tool that every locksmith should have. It is a lock-picking tool that looks like a saw blade. It is excellent for use in a rocking motion in the keyway to mimic the bitting on the key. The City rake or an L rake is a popular type of rake that resembles a city skyline. Beginners tend to prefer the Bogota rake, which is used by moving the tool in and out of the keyhole quickly.

Key Extractor

key extractor tool

A key extractor is a tool that every locksmith needs to have in their kit. It is a handy tool that helps to remove a broken key from a lock cylinder. It is common for keys to break in locks, and a key extractor makes it easy to remove the broken piece without damaging the lock. The tool has a pointed end that you insert into the keyway and use to hook onto the broken key piece and pull it out.

Plug Spinner

Plug Spinner tool locksmith

A plug spinner is a tool that helps to turn the plug of a lock in the opposite direction. It is an essential tool for locksmiths who need to unlock a lock without a key. The tool helps to prevent the lock from becoming damaged when picking it.


hook for locksmiths

A hook is a versatile tool that can be used for single pin picking and other uses. It allows you to use it upside down or use it for a “bitch” pick, which offers a great deal of diversity. The hook is a handy tool to have next time you need to pick your lock and don’t want to rely on a paperclip.

Lock Pick Gun


A lock pick gun is another useful tool for a locksmith. It is a device that allows you to pick a lock quickly and efficiently. It is an excellent alternative to traditional lock-picking methods, and it is safe for the lock if used correctly. Some lock pick guns even come with externally powered electronic parts for more efficient operation.

Key Decoder

Key Decoder

A key decoder is a handy tool that helps to determine the depths of the cuts on a key. It is particularly useful when creating new keys for a lock system or when rekeying a lock. It helps to ensure that the new key fits perfectly in the lock and operates smoothly.

Locks Installation Templates

lock Installation Templates tool

Installation templates are essential for locksmiths who install new lock systems. They help to ensure that the holes for the lockset are drilled in the correct position. They are particularly useful when installing locks on new doors or when replacing existing locks. The templates save time and help to prevent damage to the door.


Scope tool for locksmiths

A scope is a small handheld tool that helps to magnify the view of the inside of a lock cylinder. It is a handy tool for locksmiths who work with small lock components, as it helps to see what is happening inside the lock. It is particularly useful when working in tight spaces, where it is difficult to see what you are doing.

It’s worth mentioning that if you’re considering doing some DIY locksmith work, you’ll need to invest in some of these essential tools. While it may be tempting to try and pick a lock with household items or cheap tools, it’s important to note that these methods are not reliable and can cause damage to the lock or even make the situation worse.

Having the right tools is crucial to being a successful locksmith. These essential tools should be in every locksmith’s toolkit. Whether you’re picking a lock or installing a new lock system, having these tools at your disposal will make the job much easier and faster. With these tools in your toolkit, you’ll be ready to tackle any lock-related problem that comes your way.

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