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Door Lock Repair Service

If you have a lock that is jammed, frozen, or a key stuck or broken in the lock you will need a lock repair service. Humidity, improper maintenance, and wear and tear can also compromise a lock. Letting any of these things go for too long could lead to a new lock installation. Damaged locks are an invitation for a burglary, why invite a break-in when you can have a door lock repaired in an hour. 

Repairing your lock involves removing the damaged lock cylinder, spring or pins and replacing them with new ones. A locksmith will have the job done the right way, so you won’t have to worry about being safe. Repairing the lock is inexpensive and will assure your home and family are secure.

Broadway Locksmith and Doors offers 24/7 lock repair. We can have a locksmith at your home within 30 minutes. Our lock experts will examine the broken lock, recommend the best solution, and repair the lock leaving your home safe and secure. We have been repairing locks in the Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and surrounding areas for 10 years. Customer satisfaction is our # 1 priority, and we have 1000+ satisfied customers to prove it!

lock repair service in New York City
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5 Stars – Based on 390 User Reviews

Residential Lock Repair Service

Whether you live in an apartment, townhouse, brownstone, or single-family home, our experienced locksmiths can repair your door locks. While you may be able to “fix” it, a damaged lock needs to be assessed by a locksmith to ensure the damage can be repaired. We repair most locks, including multipoint locks, knob locks, cylinder and mortise locks, jimmy-proof locks, lever handles and smart locks. 

Lock repair is more affordable than a new lock installation and our locksmith can have the defective component removed and a new one inserted in under an hour. Your repaired lock will be as secure as a new lock minus the cost. Our residential lock specialists are here to help you any time of the day or night. Don’t let a damaged lock keep you up at night.

Commercial Lock Repair Service

You worked hard to start and maintain a business and you need locks that work just as hard. Whether you have a Mom and Pop store, a warehouse, or an office complex, damaged locks put everything you work so hard for at risk. Secure locks keep your business and employees safe.

Our commercial lock repair services include card reader locks, crash door bar locks, keypad door locks, door closure locks, and mortise locks. Our experienced locksmiths will ensure your door lock repair is done quickly and correctly. Lock repair service is not only affordable, it is just as secure as installing a new lock. Why pay the price for a new lock when the original lock only needs one piece replaced? Don’t wait until that damaged lock needs replacing, have it repaired as soon as possible.

Commercial Lock Repair Service

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Frequently Asked Questions that most people have about Lock Repair Service. If you have any other questions, you can call us, and we’ll help you.

If you have had your lock repaired several times and it needs repair again it probably needs to be replaced. In this case, replacing the lock is cheaper than fixing it so it can break again. This involves replacing it with a new lock. If you have a new home or frequent tenants, it is hard to know who has a key. Replacing the lock is the safest thing to do.

If the lock has never had a problem or you can’t afford a new lock, repairing the lock is the way to go. The faulty part is removed and replaced with a new part and the lock is as good as new.

The locksmith will want to know what happened to the lock that it is working, the type of lock on the door and who manufactured the lock.

Do not try to force the key to turn. Remove it and apply a lubricant with a silicone base or spray graphite and try the key again. Sometimes it’s just dirt and dust gumming up the lock, but sometimes it’s more serious. If the key doesn’t work the second time, call a locksmith to fix the lock.

There are several reasons the door won’t lock. If it’s winter, the lock mechanism could be frozen. Is the door alignment off? It could be the door’s latch and the strike plate no longer line up. Your best bet is to call a locksmith to have it looked at.

If you want to be sure that your local locksmith in Brooklyn is properly licensed and holds a DCWP license, you may do so by using the Check a DCA License service. 

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