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door lock installation services

Door lock installation services allow you to replace an old lock or install a lock on a completely new door. It is the ideal moment to assess your security needs and decide whether you want to upgrade to a newer, more advanced lock.

If you have a new door or want to improve the security of your business or home, a new lock installation is the finest option. Our locksmith in NYC will come out and assess your security needs, assist you in selecting the best lock for your situation, and install it quickly.

You don’t need to go to the door hardware store to get a new lock; our technicians will provide it for you. Choosing and installing a new lock is the best way to keep your home and business secure. The wrong lock on your door invites robbery. Our locksmiths will select the best security locks for your needs and properly install them. 

New door lock installation service
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5 Stars – Based on 390 User Reviews
Lock installation - new door

Residential Lock Installation Service

Living in a house, apartment, or condo with a damaged lock is dangerous. Locks should always be in working order. Broadway Locksmith and Doors has everything you need to replace an old lock or install a new lock on a new door.

Installing a high-quality lock on a door is vital, as is appropriately installing the lock. To ensure proper installation, new locks should be installed by a professional locksmith. Our experienced locksmiths can install all types of locks including deadbolt lock, knob lock, mortise lock, multipoint and smart locks, jimmy proof lock, cylinder lock, and lever handle lock.

Lock installation services are more reasonable than you think and can be a better alternative to repairing a damaged lock. If you are looking to keep your home, family, and belongings safe and secure installing new and upgraded locks on a front door is the way to go.

Commercial Lock Installation Service

Commercial lock installation is an essential part of protecting your business or commercial property. Keeping your employees and business safe is every owner’s worry. Now more than ever, ensuring all the locks in your warehouse, manufacturing plant, and small business is important.

Commercial locks are used more than residential locks, in time they get damaged and need replacing. A new lock installation service ensures your locks keep your inventory in and the criminals out. High-quality locks save you money that could be lost in theft and keep your employees protected.

Newly installed locks are worth the expense of knowing your business is secure after closing. Installing new locks doesn’t have to be expensive, our locksmiths will recommend what lock works best for your doors and have them installed in no time. Don’t risk losing your business because your locks are shoddy. Call Broadway Locksmith and Doors anytime and have those faulty locks replaced with new locks.

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Frequently Asked Questions that most people have about new door lock installation service. If you have any other questions, you can call us, and we’ll help you.

Lock repair is for a lock that has a broken component. The repair is the replacement of the faulty pin, spring, or cylinder, the rest of the lock is the original lock. Lock repair is a cost-effective way to ensure your dwelling is secure and protected.

They will need to verify the dwelling belongs to you or you have the right to get in (apartment). This is done using a photo ID and utility bill with your address on it. If it is an automobile, they will need to see the registration. Once verified they will need to know if you have a key, the type of lock and the manufacturer and if there is another door to get into the building.

The door lock installation cost will depend on the type of door it will be installed on and what the lock itself costs. Locksmiths charge for the hardware, and the cost of the labor, and some charge a service fee. New lock installation done by a locksmith can cost between $125-$175 depending on the lock.

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