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You’re standing outside your house or apartment; your keys aren’t in your purse, and you realize you’re locked out. Now is the time to call Broadway Locksmith and Doors. No one wants to be locked out, but it happens, and when it does, you want into your home as quickly as possible. We provide quick and efficient lockout services so you can get back in your home within an hour. We offer apartment lockout services to unlock the door and get you inside. Whether you lost your keys, were robbed, or left the keys on the kitchen table, we will get you back inside your home.

Once you have called us, we dispatch a mobile locksmith to your home. They are there within 30 minutes and can have the door unlocked quickly. Our professional locksmiths have training and experience to open the door without damaging the lock or the door. Our mobile locksmiths are located throughout Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and the surrounding areas. Broadway Locksmith offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee that our customers love. Just read our reviews and see how satisfied they are!

lockout services
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5 Stars – Based on 390 User Reviews
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Residential Lockout Services

Being locked out of your home, condo, apartment, or brownstone is frustrating and inconvenient. Getting back in doesn’t have to be expensive or traumatic. Broadway Locksmith and Doors provides emergency lockout services 24 hours a day because people lock themselves out at all hours of the day and night. Our home lockout specialists will have you back in your home in no time. We can open any lock, including multi-point locks, mortise and doorknob locks, cylinder and smart locks, lever handle locks, and deadbolts. 

Home lockout services are more affordable than replacing the lock by trying to force your way into the house or apartment. We can get you back in by unlocking the door without damaging the lock while maintaining your security. No sense in repairing or replacing a lock our mobile locksmith can have open in minutes. Keep our phone number in your smartphone in case you need home or apartment lockout services.

Commercial Lockout Services

When you are locked out of your business or commercial property, it costs you money and time. In a city where time is money, you don’t want to lose capital because you can’t get into your warehouse or office. Keys get lost, forgotten, and people with the keys sometimes don’t show up. When this happens, calling a mobile locksmith is the affordable and sensible way to get into the building. 

Our 24/7 commercial lockout technicians will be there in 30 minutes to get that keypad or card reader lock, mortise lock, door closer or crash-bar lock open in no time. Why try climbing in a window or forcing open a door that will cost money to repair or replace when Broadway Locksmith and Doors can open the door without damaging it and costing you even more. Save yourself money and time, call us for your commercial lockout needs.

Commercial Lockout Services


First and foremost, remain calm and call your landlord or leasing company. They will have a spare key. You can try to get in a window or other entrance. But don’t try to force the door or pry the lock open, you can damage the lock, and it will need replacing.

If you can’t reach the landlord or leasing company (during the night or after hours), find a safe place and call a mobile locksmith. They will be there quickly to get the door open.

You may want to have a keyless lock installed if you get locked out in the future. Have someone you trust to hold onto your spare key.

Yes, all locksmiths offer lockout services for residential and commercial properties. Using a professional locksmith will ensure the door is opened quickly and damage-free. Home lockout services are inexpensive and less costly than repairing or replacing the lock if you when a door is pryed or forced open.

Most mobile locksmiths can be there in less than 30 minutes, depending on traffic and unexpected circumstances. Once the locksmith arrives, they can have you in the house in 10 to 15 minutes. Waiting for a landlord, leasing company, or a friend with a spare key can take hours. Calling a professional locksmith who can get you in quicker is the best option.

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