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You’ve bought a new home and have no idea if you have all the keys to your new home. Lock rekeying services let you obtain a new lock without having to replace the original lock. Lock rekeying entails removing the springs and pins from the original lock cylinder and replacing them with new pins and springs while keeping the original handles and knobs. Emergency rekeying is an affordable alternative to replacing the lock and its hardware. You get a brand-new lock for the price of rekeying, and your new home is secure.

Broadway Locksmith and Doors brings years of professional locksmithing experience and skill when they come to your home to rekey your locks. Our reputation and excellent locksmith services keep our return customers in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and surrounding areas safe and locked up tight. Our rekeying experts are there within 30 minutes for your call, any time of the day or night. Rekeying is an excellent way to upgrade your security without purchasing a new security system. Don’t spend time worrying who has keys to your new home. Rekey the lock and secure your new investment!

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5 Stars – Based on 373 User Reviews
lock rekeying services

Residential Lock Rekeying Services

You go to open the door after a long day at work, and the key doesn’t open the lock. After several more tries, you realize you need help getting into your apartment. A quick call to Broadway Locksmith and Doors can have you in your single-family home, apartment, or brownstone within the hour with our emergency lock rekeying services. Our 24/7 mobile locksmiths can rekey deadbolts, cylinder locks, mortise and jimmy-proof locks, knob and level handle locks, smart locks, and multi-port locks. Lock rekeying is less expensive than lock replacement and just as secure. Why pay for an entirely new lock when you can replace the springs and pins in the existing lock and get the same security? Lock rekeying services are an affordable way to maintain the safety of your home that fits your budget.

Commercial Lock Rekeying Services

As a business owner, you issue keys to employees. Over time keeping up with who has what keys can get confusing. An affordable solution to your problem is commercial rekeying services. Let Broadway Locksmith rekey the locks and issue new keys to restore your control over who has keys and to what locks. Whether you have a warehouse, industrial property, a retail business, or a mom-and-pop operation, our mobile locksmiths can rekey keypad and card reader locks, door closers, mortise locks, and crash bar door locks. Reestablish control and resecure your business by rekeying the existing locks. Commercial rekeying is a cost-effective way for you as the business owner to secure the building and keep employees safe without stretching your budget.

Don’t spend money you can use elsewhere on new locks when you can rekey those same locks while retaining the same security!

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Replacing the pins and springs in the cylinder of an existing lock is always less expensive than replacing your original locks. For the cost of the replacement parts, you get a new lock and upgraded security. Replacing the lock involves removing the existing lock and replacing it with a new lock and door knob or handle. While sometimes a replacement lock is necessary, rekeying is a secure and economical way to maintain the safety of residential or commercial property.

With the correct tools and rekeying kit for your door,  you can rekey your lock. Be sure to match the kit to the brand of your existing lock. A professional locksmith can have the lock rekeyed in a fraction of the time and often at nearly the same price you may pay for the tools and rekeying kit.

When you purchase a new dwelling such as a home, condo, or brownstone, rekeying the lock is an excellent idea to increase your family’s safety. If you own a business or commercial property that has lost count of keys delegated and who received them. Residential and commercial rekeying services offer you control and security over your commercial and industrial business at an affordable price.

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