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Once you find yourself locked out of your vehicle or come home to find out someone tried to get into your home, you need an emergency locksmith to retrieve those keys and replace that lock as quickly as possible. Broadways Locksmiths and Doors Inc. can be there in minutes. Our emergency locksmiths are available any time of the day or night.

You went into the hall to talk with a neighbor and forgot to unlock the door. Your keys are on the counter, and you have to be at work in an hour. Our emergency locksmith is there in minutes to get that apartment door unlocked so you can get to work on time.

Your son is playing with your keys when he drops them in a storm drain. While you will probably never see those keys again, our fast response time will have an emergency locksmith make you an on-the-spot replacement key and replace that car lock to ensure your vehicle remains secure.

Does it have to be an emergency? Absolutely not! Our technicians are available to do non-emergency repairs and installation and emergency servicing.

We offer 24/7 emergency locksmith services, so you never have to worry. Our emergency locksmiths are located all over New York City, including Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. We can be there within minutes. Our highly experienced locksmiths use advanced technology and equipment to handle all residential, automotive, and commercial locksmith needs.

Emergency Locksmith
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5 Stars – Based on 368 User Reviews

Customer Satisfaction is Our Goal

Our local locksmiths serve the areas where they live and work. With our technician’s vast experience and ongoing knowledge, we offer installation and repair work that is prompt and reliable. In addition, we test our services using strict quality control measures guaranteeing professional quality locksmith services.

We also appreciate that keys get lost, broken, and locked in vehicles with a busy schedule. Our customers have access to all the services we provide at any hour of the day or night. Our 100% customer satisfaction and affordable fees are why our customer satisfaction rate is high, and customer reviews are so positive.

There are never hidden fees. The quoted price is what you pay!

Emergency Locksmith Services

Lock Change Service​

Employees and old flames don't always return keys. Sometimes you want a better quality lock, especially when you live in NYC. Our lock change services include: Residential lock changes on homes and garages. Commercial lock changes to your store or business entryway, including changing door closers, and equipment such as safes and filing cabinets. We can set up closers that ensure your doors close softly and slowly.

Lock Installation Service

Living in a big city leaves you vulnerable to theft and fraud, installing mailbox locks and keypad locks keeps, your family, valuables, and personal mail safe. Updating current locks and installing new locks keep your home and business secure. We offer lock installation services, including: Residential lock installation of new or replacement locks on doors and windows. Keypad lock installation for your home, office, and business. High-security lock installation for homes, businesses, and properties.

Lock Repair Service

Most home break-ins only last 8-10 minutes; burglars want in and out quickly. We can repair the lock and ensure your home or business is secure. We provide the following lock repair services: Commercial lock repairs of doors and filing cabinets due to burglary and tampering. Residential lock repair of metal and wooden doors and windows includes hardware repair. We also do door realignment! We also repair door frames, doors, window locks, and accompanying hardware.

Lockout Service

Imagine locking yourself out of your house, apartment, business, or car and leaving the keys inside with you standing outside. To ensure you get help in a hurry, we recommend you put our number in your phone to be ready when a lockout emergency happens! We will have a professional locksmith there in minutes!

Lock Replacement Service

Whether someone tried to steal your car and damaged the lock or an employee didn't return the keys. An experienced professional locksmith should always do lock replacements. We specialize in lock replacement for your: Residence, Store, Commercial business, Automobiles, Hinge replacements of all types Replacing damaged locks restores your peace of mind.

Lock Re-Keying Service

Buying a new home comes with lots of new expenses. Re-keying the locks in your new home is less expensive than replacing the locks. Lock re-keying is available 24/7 by a skilled technician who comes to you. Master key services create a way for you to replace or duplicate any master key you need. Key extraction services remove broken keys from residential, commercial, and property doors, plus vehicles and safes.

Reasons to Use a Locksmith

More than 16,000 vehicle and home lockouts occur every day, with car lockouts being the number one requested service from locksmiths. We can have the nearest locksmith to you within minutes, so you won’t have to wait.

Over 66% of the reported 2.5 million break-ins yearly are home invasions that happen between 6 am and 6 pm. Doors and windows with quality locks help deter burglars looking to get in and out fast.

In the United States, someone reports a car stolen every 41 seconds. Replacing damaged car locks should be done by professional locksmiths with experience in automotive lock replacement.

Alarms.org reports that homes are 300% more likely to be burglarized if they do not have a security system. Properly installed security doors and windows increase the security of your home and business.


Our technicians are located all over NYC. Once we get your call, an emergency locksmith will be there within minutes!

We don’t charge an emergency fee. We keep our services affordable with everyone in mind.

Understanding how easy it is to get locked out, we do not consider a lockout an emergency.

Reliable and professional locksmiths are insured and safe to use.

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