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Door Locksmith

Our Door Locksmith Services​

Door Closure Change

Commercial door closures take much abuse from customers and employees. Faulty door closures are a financial liability. Door closure replacement will keep that door closer in good working order for years to come and keep your business safe and secure.

Door Frame Repair

Wooden door frames can rot and warp—door frames that are warped affect how the door opens and clothes. Removing part of the frame or replacing the spots of rot on the door frame is quick and inexpensive, leaving you with a durable door frame that will last for years.

Door Realignment

Doors that stick or sag need to be realigned. Our door locksmith can realign that door and eliminate problems caused by an older home settling. There are times when a professional locksmith should be used, and door realignment is one of these times.

Door Closure Set Up

Door closures prevent injury and damage to your property. They also maintain the door's fire rating. Door closer setup allows you to add a new door closure to an existing door to increase your safety and that of your customers or your family.

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4.8 Stars – Based on 404 User Reviews

house door locksmith

Nothing is scarier than coming home to find someone was trying to jimmy your door or kicking the door open, breaking the hinges. These situations must be taken care of immediately to ensure the safety of your family or business. Our door locksmiths are available 24/7 to repair wooden and metal doors, repair door frames, set up and change door closers, replace most hinges, and realign doors. 

Doors that do not close properly are difficult to open and can even result in a home lockout. Doors with malfunctioning hinges are dangerous and jeopardize your safety. We service doors and door closers in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and the surrounding areas.

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Why Choose US

Broadway Locksmith and Doors has been replacing and repairing doors for over a decade. Our customers trust that they have secure doors that will last for years when we leave their residential or commercial property. Our commercial clientele chooses us to replace and repair door closures that ensure their business and employees are safe and secure. Emergency door closure replacement services will have your door closures back in commission on the same day.

When you call us, we will dispatch a mobile door locksmith to your location within 30 minutes to inspect the door or door closure. Once inspected, our specialist will recommend door solutions, then replace or repair the door or door closure, fix the door frame, realign the door, or replace the hardware. We recommend you keep our number on your phone at 646-458-1238 in case of an emergency.

Commercial and Residential Door Locksmith Services

Our door locksmith in NYC can repair door frames and realign most residential doors, including double doors, dutch doors, front doors, french doors, hinges doors, pivot and pocket doors, panel doors, and sliding doors. 

We also service commercial doors, including commercial fiberglass doors, aluminum doors, glass doors, steel and wooden doors, scissor gates, and overhead metal doors. Whether you need hinge replacement, door realignment, door closure setup and change, frame repair, and wooden and metal door repairs. Don’t wait until you need a new door. Call us today, and we will dispatch our door locksmith to get that door repaired.


A professional door locksmith can have your door closer replaced in 45 minutes to an hour. Door closer replacement services can be done on commercial and residential properties.

A door that won’t lock puts your safety at risk. As long as the existing door is in good shape and works well, the lock can be repaired or replaced affordably without replacing the current door

Door frame repair lets you keep the existing door while repairing the door’s frame. Door repair is fixing the existing door and leaving the current frame. Together they make up the entryway, but their function separates their repair.

The repair cost will depend on the door type and why it is being repaired. Patching a crack or small ding may cost $50, but a more expensive door repair can cost $300. A door locksmith can inspect the door and offer a cost-effective door repair.

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